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Retail Catalogs

I am looking for the following South Bend Bait Company retail catalogs.  If you have any of these for sale or trade, please contact me.  I will pay a premium for early materials in nice condition!

Early Catalogs...

The first South Bend Bait Company catalog was issued in 1909.  The catalog below dates to 1913 and has been found in both first (labeled "No. 20") and second editions (labeled "No. 20 Second Edition").  Early South Bend catalog material is extremely rare.  I will pay a premium for all early catalogs.  If you have any early catalogs, please contact me, even if the material is not for sale.  Access to early catalog material would be invaluable to assist me with my research efforts.

List of Early Catalogs Wanted

Year Title
1909 and 1910 South Bend Bait Company
1911 Rods, Reels, and Fishing Tackle (No. 18)
1912 Rods, Reels, and Fishing Tackle

...Days of Real Sport Catalogs

It was not until 1916 that South Bend began to place copyright dates on their catalogs.  This year also began a series of catalogs called "The Days of Real Sport."  The first Days of Real Sport catalog was issued in May 1916 (No. 22) with the final, Eighth Edition, 2nd Run, issued in 1921.

List of Days of Real Sport Catalogs Wanted

Year Title
May 1916 The Days of Real Sport (No. 22)
1916 The Days of Real Sport, Second Edition
1917 The Days of Real Sport, Third Edition
1918 The Days of Real Sport, Fourth Edition (No. 23)
1921 The Days of Real Sport, Eighth Edition, 2nd Run (No. 27)

Pamphlets and Mailers...

South Bend produced a variety of pamphlets and mailers to advertise special contests and new offerings.  A small sampling of these mailers is provided below.  If you have any interesting mailers or pamphlets available, please contact me.   


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