These are pictures of items from my personal collection.  Please be sure to see the Wanted section
for additional pictures, along with a list of items I am looking for.



Baby Wounded Minnow in Frog Splotch
Pair of Best-O-Luck Panatella Wobblers (Two Varieties) Dash-Oreno (Top) and Best-O-Luck Darter (Bottom) Paw Paw lures painted in South Bend colors with SOUTH BEND stencil
Early Babe-Oreno (Body style similar to patent drawing) Chrome Peach-Oreno with Box and Hang Tag Earliest style Muskie Surf-Oreno Coast Oreno in RAIN
Earliest Style Troll-Oreno with a Tail Cap Best-O-Luck 910 Weighted Minnow Pair of Best-O-Luck 920 Wounded Minnows (2- and 3-Hook Varieties) Pair of Best-O-Luck 941 Weighted Wobblers
Casting Spoon with Dealer Box Brace Nose Hardware on a Midget Surf-Oreno in RAIN Copyright 1925 Dealer Trade Catalog  Fish and Feel Fit Counter Display
South Bend Tackle Company Line Keepers South Bend Tackle Company Plastic Tackle Box South Bend
Oreno Fishing Bureau Window Decal


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