958 in box.jpg (64272 bytes) RH Musk Oreno in box.jpg (168617 bytes) Dace Bass Obite.jpg (147493 bytes) Howes Vacuum Bait Tin2.jpg (184375 bytes)
Muskie Pike-Oreno in RAIN
(Note the Silver Plated Hook Tag)
Red Head/White Musk-Oreno in box
(Note wire leader)
Bass-Obite in Dace with Cello Top Box Howe's Vacuum Bass Bait Tin
916 Surface with Box.jpg (132001 bytes) Crippled Minnow with Salt Water Rig.jpg (167571 bytes) Crippled Minnow Hooks.jpg (144254 bytes) RH Crippled Minnow with Box.jpg (152532 bytes)
Best-O-Luck Surface Lure with Early Diamond Box Uncataloged Salt-Water Rigged Crippled Minnow
with Silver Plated Hooks
The Salt-Water hook rig is identical to that found on Salt-Water Panetella Minnows Red Head/White Crippled Minnow with Box
ch trix in box.jpg (162973 bytes) 903 GCB in Box with Tissue.jpg (206786 bytes)
913 and 915 Panetella  Minnows 913 and 915 Panetella Minnows Chrome Trix-Oreno with Box 903 Underwater Minnow in Green Crackleback
small sb minnow intro box.JPG (20204 bytes) blue top1.jpg (163735 bytes) pair of fly orenos on cards.jpg (161073 bytes) peach oreno in box.jpg (132824 bytes)
A very hard to find small size South Bend Minnow Box Blue Top Silk Casting Line in Glass Tubes with Box Pair of Fly-Orenos 
on Cards
 Peach-Oreno with Box and Hang Tag
hop and crick oreno.jpg (158695 bytes) bings hook in box.jpg (155178 bytes) RAIN Wiz in Box.jpg (185389 bytes) Optic Grouping.jpg (84231 bytes)
Hop-Oreno and Crick-Oreno 
on Cards
Bings Hook in the Box
(South Bend often used Bings weedless hooks on their baits)
Wiz-Oreno in RAIN with Box 
and Papers
Color Set of 
South Bend 
explorer pair.JPG (121602 bytes) 919 Slant Head1.jpg (93454 bytes) pearl black dart oreno in box.jpg (169419 bytes) 1934 dealer trade.JPG (57610 bytes)
Jointed Explorer 
and Explorer
Hard to find 
919 Best-O-Luck Wobbler
Pearl Dart-Oreno 
with Pork Rind Tag in Box
1934 Dealer Trade Catalog


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