905 EX minnow side shot2.jpg (52988 bytes) coral teaser in box edited.jpg (55460 bytes) strawberry trio.jpg (55774 bytes) bassorenocollection2.jpg (62577 bytes)
Beautiful Underwater Minnow in RAIN color Beautiful Oreno-Teaser in an uncataloged Coral (COR) color Trio of Underwater Minnows in Spot and Hex finishes A collection of RAIN Bass-Orenos
plunk oreno in sf.jpg (50042 bytes) chadwicks sideways.JPG (75171 bytes) fly rod surf in rh in box.JPG (56703 bytes) 905 in crackleback.jpg (42083 bytes)
Old style Plunk-Oreno in SF color Chadwick's Sunbeam Callmac Bug on card with Pflueger archive tag Fly Rod Surf-Oreno in box with papers Underwater Minnow in Sienna Crackleback
misc grouping of baits.jpg (70073 bytes) te surf oreno with box small.jpg (55589 bytes) 925 Weedless w Box small.jpg (62207 bytes) wobbler side view2.jpg (26938 bytes)
Nice grouping of miscellaneous South Bend baits Beautiful tack eye Surf-Oreno in RAIN Baby Weedless Woodpecker in the box Early South Bend Wobbler
slim oreno close up.jpg (51591 bytes) rainbow vac in box with papers2.JPG (53804 bytes) wiz_oreno_in_yp_in_box.jpg (9464 bytes) midget surf with elongated line tie in box2.jpg (58759 bytes)
Slim-Oreno in YP Vacuum Bait in RAIN with correctly marked "40" box and papers Wiz-Oreno in YP with introductory box Midget Surf-Oreno in RAIN with introductory box
902 rain with bings.JPG (66547 bytes) 956 pike in rain side shot.JPG (69786 bytes) 974 rh with intro box small.jpg (56218 bytes) 975 ge in rain with box.JPG (55802 bytes)
902 Underwater Minnow in RAIN with Bings weedless hooks Baby Pike-Oreno in RAIN Midget Pike-Oreno in RH with introductory box Pike-Oreno in RAIN with introductory box
skish small.jpg (55971 bytes) 1930 dealer trade.JPG (44788 bytes) little boy with catalogs.JPG (54758 bytes) Four Small Counter Displays.jpg (138473 bytes)
Set of 5 South Bend skish rings Copyright 1930 Dealer Trade Catalog No. 80 1932 retail catalog, 1931 dealer trade catalog, and counter display all featuring boy with sunfish A group of four small counter displays


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