rainbow te in box in cello.jpg (60796 bytes) trio of slim orenos.jpg (78378 bytes) frog spot fly rod plunk oreno.jpg (77598 bytes) 973 rain no eye shadow.jpg (212259 bytes)
Tack Eye Bass-Oreno in RAIN in Original Cellophane *WANTED*
Fly-Rod Plunk-Oreno in Frog Bass-Oreno in Rainbow 
(Note the Lack of Eye Shadow)
king oreno in rainbow.jpg (144355 bytes) red ibis callmac.jpg (84797 bytes) small tarp oreno box.jpg (221648 bytes) rb fly orenos.jpg (63904 bytes)
King-Oreno in Rainbow

King-Oreno Introductory Box

Callmac Bass-Bug in Red Ibis with Lead-Oreno Tarp-Oreno Introductory Box

Tarp-Oreno Lure

Fly-Orenos in Blue Back Rainbow  

(Wire and Plate Rig)

Early Token in Env.jpg (47589 bytes) sunspot spoon on card.jpg (50276 bytes) sunspot spoon.jpg (44102 bytes) 973 RH with silver plated hang tag.jpg (138110 bytes)
Good Luck Token
in Early Mailing Envelope
Fly Rod Sun Spot Spoon on Card Sun Spot Spoon in Introductory Box Bass-Oreno in Original Cellophane with Silver Plated Hook Tag
luminous with bings.jpg (116268 bytes) 931 RB in Box.jpg (182087 bytes) troll oreno intro box.JPG (26875 bytes) june bug spinner in box.jpg (154756 bytes)
Luminous Bass-Oreno with Bings Weedless Hooks Best-o-Luck Jointed Wobbler in Blue Back Rainbow Troll-Oreno Introductory Box

*WANTED* Troll-Oreno Lure in RAIN

June Bug Spinner in Paw Paw "Lightening" Box
940 in RAIN.jpg (160440 bytes) 1929 dealer trade.JPG (132686 bytes) dive oreno in w2.jpg (192431 bytes) tex oreno pair.jpg (104854 bytes)
Beautiful Tack Eye Teas-Oreno in Rainbow Copyright 1929 Dealer Trade Catalog No. 77 Dive-Oreno in Strawberry Spot A pair of Tex-Orenos (Floater and Sinker) 


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