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Lures and Boxes

I collect many different types of South Bend lures and have a special interest in the rainbow (RAIN) color.  I also collect South Bend boxes, especially "introductory boxes."  These pages contain only a partial listing of items I'm looking for.  If you have any quality South Bend items for sale or trade, please contact me.  I generally collect items in excellent or better condition (please refer to the NFLCC grading guidelines for more information), but this will depend on the rarity of the piece.


Early Underwater Minnows

South Bend underwater minnows dating to 1910/11 employed Shakespeare "B" notched propellers and shallow aluminum cups.  South Bend did not use high quality paint finishes on their early underwater minnows so they are difficult to find in good condition.  Early South Bend minnows have been found in both wooden and paper "New Wooden Minnow" boxes or maroon colored cardboard boxes.  Please contact me if you have any New Wooden Minnow or maroon boxes or early "B" notch prop lures in good condition.


Quality Tackle Prop Lures

For a very short period of time, South Bend used a much thicker style propeller on their underwater minnows.  These propellers were stamped with the South Bend Quality Tackle oval on them.  I'm looking for lures with Quality Tackle props regardless of lure model, color, or condition.  Please contact me if you have an item for sale or trade.

Underwater Minnows

Around 1912, South Bend minnows sported pointed, unmarked propellers and shallow aluminum cups.  Around 1913, South Bend changed to a shallow, nickel-steel cup and by 1915 began stamping the SOUTH BEND name on their propellers.  Later versions of South Bend underwater minnows featured "blunt" propellers and deeper flat-bottom cups.  Both marked (SOUTH BEND) and unmarked blunt props were used concurrently.



Combination Minnows and Min-Bucks

Combination minnows were sold under the F. G. Worden name long before they became a South Bend Bait Company offering.  Combination minnows employ either a natural or colored buck tail and are usually found with a single rear treble hook (No. 931).  Three hook configurations (No. 933) were also available.  Min-buck minnows are essentially three-hook, five-hook, and Muskie trolling minnows with a natural color buck tail hook added.  While natural was the most common color used, different color buck tails were available.




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