Lures and Boxes



Muskie Minnows

The Muskie Trolling minnow (No. 956) was only offered for a short period of time.  Given their large five-hook design and intended use (to catch giant pike or muskies!) these lures are difficult to find in excellent condition.  The three-hook Muskie Casting minnow (No. 953) pictured below was only offered in the 1913 to 1915 catalogs.  I need Muskie Trolling and Muskie Casting minnow introductory boxes!  Please contact me if you have one for sale or trade.


Panetella Minnows

South Bend made both three- and five-hook Panetella minnows.  Early Panetella minnows featured very slim bodies (see picture below).  South Bend later changed the Panetella minnows to have a fatter body style and a brass tail cap to provide additional support for the rear hook.  Unfortunately, the brass tail cap did not hold the paint as well as the wooden body which is why they are often found with paint chipping or missing from the tail cap.  South Bend also produced a salt-water version of the Panetella minnow.  Salt-water Panetella minnows have heavy duty treble hooks and feature a wire-through hook hanger.


Salt-Water Lures

South Bend produced a wide variety of salt-water baits including the salt-water Bass-Oreno (No. 977), salt-water Panetella minnow (see picture above), Troll-Oreno (No. 978), Tarp-Oreno (No. 979), Coast-Oreno (No. 985) and King-Oreno (No 986, see picture below).  Most salt-water baits sported heavy duty hardware including heavy single hooks mounted in swivel sockets, such as that illustrated on the King-Oreno below.  I need salt-water baits in the RAIN color and introductory boxes.  Let me know what you have for sale or trade!




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