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This section contains photographs of items from my personal collection, in addition to specific information about items I am looking for.  I collect all types of South Bend lures, boxes, catalogs, and advertising pieces.  While my interests are varied, I have a special interest in the rainbow (RAIN) color.  If you have any of these items for sale or trade, please contact me.  I generally collect items in excellent or better condition (please refer to the NFLCC grading guidelines for more information), but this will depend on the rarity of the piece.

Retail and Trade Catalogs...

I am looking for early South Bend Bait Company retail and dealer trade catalogs in order to continue my research efforts.


...Lures and Boxes

I collect all types of South Bend Bait Company lures and boxes, including counter display boxes. 



The South Bend Bait Company produced hundreds of advertising pieces.  I'm always seeking new and interesting pieces to add to my collection.


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